Overview of Features

  • Can be used as a Point-of-Sale or an Order Entry System — or both at the same time.
  • Lot Tracking and reporting for receiving, production, and sales.
  • Automatic integration with QuickBooks and other popular accounting systems
  • Email or fax your invoices automatically.
  • Standard invoice and shipping manifests. We can also customize these with your preferences.
  • Industry specific reports tailored for weight purchased and sold. Grouped by category, customer, & vendor.
  • Remote access to the system for use by management and sales personnel.
  • Handles all standard packaging types—boxes, vats, bins, pieces, standard weight.
  • Sales reports by weight and dollars — by customer and product, and by sales rep, broker or trucker.
  • Login and Security features can be turned on.
  • Multiple shipping addresses. Multiple contacts per address.
  • Purchase reports by weight and dollars — by vendor, product and product group.
  • Multiple price levels, by customer.
  • Self Perpetuating Price History. Can be used with orders or purchases.
  • Can be used simultaneously by multiple users.

Major Features of MeatBIZ software

  • Lot Tracking and Recall Management Now you can track lots received from your vendors and manufactured products sold to your customers. Like most wholesalers you are concerned about meeting HACCP requirements and the possibility of recalls. Your big customers and your insurance providers probably require or will soon require that you pass the audit requirements for mock recalls.

    With our system there is no need to scramble and hunt through stacks of paperwork to track things down. With just a few button clicks you can produce a complete list of all customers and invoice dates for lots sold or received. This can help with your insurance and in the event of a recall, with your bottom line.
  • Integration with QuickBooks and other popular accounting programs MeatBIZ provides automatic integration with QuickBooks. You can use it to produce your sales invoices and enter your purchases. That way, you can keep track of and analyze all your sales and purchases by weight. Then you can automatically transfer the purchase and sales invoices to QuickBooks in order to handle the financial side - aging and profit/loss reporting.
  • Email Your Invoices and Faxes AutomaticallySome companies, like Restaurant Depot, are asking for emailed invoices. Are your customers requiring this? Our system makes this easy. MeatBIZ can automatically email or fax invoices to your customers.
  • Invoices, Shipping Manifests, and ReportsOur system provides standard invoices and shipping manifests as well as a variety of reports. We can also easily customize the invoices to your specifications, if you want. New custom reports are also easy to develop.
  • Go RemoteMeatBIZ can be set up to run remotely over the Internet. Using secure (SSL) technology, management can access the system from home or while on business trips. Salespersons can also be granted permission to access the system from remote locations to enter their orders directly via the internet. Or they can enter orders on their laptops and later transfer these to MeatBIZ from any internet access location.