Key Features

Connect to Popular Accounting Packages
Select Inovices or purchase orders to post on the order menu or purchase order grid. MeatBIZ does the necessary preparations for posting and error checking. Click the post button and your invoices (checks, credit, cash) are posted and all the necessary action, including balance updates are performed in your accounting program and in MeatBIZ. If the invoice involves a customer not in your accounting program yet, you will get a report of these names. These names and addresses can then automatically be added to your accounting program so that information in the accounting package is in sync with MeatBIZ.
Best of Both Worlds
MeatBIZ allows you to have a well-designed accounting program that operates independently of MeatBIZ so you can do whatever you need to do for your business using MeatBIZ which is tailored to the way you manufacture and sell your products; and then you can post your orders to your accounting program. Additional customized modules to ineract with your accounting programs are also available.
Communications in Today's World
Communication into and out of our program and the ability to operate remotely are two of the most important and user-friendly standard features and options we offer. Having the ability to FAX your invoice or attach the invoice as a PDF file to an EMail brings your business into the present but what about the future? What about the many current and proposed methods of ordering and invoicing that are gaining popularity with some certain to be adopted by the industry in the near future. MeatBIZ is ready! As new communication methods become available, our design allows you to add them to your system.
Send email with your invoice attached
When your invoice displays for printing, click on the "Email PDF File" and an email is created with your invoice attached as a PDF file. You can edit the message an add additional recipients.
If you would like to view and test the system yourself, please contact us and we will set up a remote connection so you can run MeatBIZ yourself from the internet.
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Automatic connection to QuickBooks or other popular accounting programs
Send invoices as pdf files automatically from MeatBIZ